Frequently Asked Questions


[gn_spoiler title="WHAT TYPE OF TRAINING CAN I DO WITH SOLOSTRENGTH?"]SoloStrength invites freedom of movement, and training your body in ways you desire.   The SpeedFit programs offer detailed guides to full body strength training all using nothing but your own body, and setting the bar at certain reference points to either support pushing or pulling movements, or guide proper form to focus on lower body exercises.  Both strength and stretching programs are included and suggested, and will give you a workout that will satisfy the needs of beginners to gain confidence and strength, and set new limits for extremely advanced full bodyweight challenges.  You can be in whatever shape you desire, with SoloStrength.  Whether you have special needs for balance, rehabilitation from injury or your own special personal requirements, or you are in great shape and just like to push yourself to maximum fitness training levels, SoloStrength can be used as a true all in one system for all your exercise needs.[/gn_spoiler]

[gn_spoiler title="HOW LONG UNTIL MY PURCHASE IS DELIVERED?"]We strive for shipping in 1-2 days with an average of 4-7 days delivery time (to your door) throughout North America.  For updated shipping information, delays or back-orders on all SpeedFit models, please visit our shipping page.[/gn_spoiler]

[gn_spoiler title="WHERE ARE THE SPEEDFIT MODELS MANUFACTURED?"]SoloStrength is proud to say we support our local economy and marketplace, and offer you the best in quality by manufacturing all of our systems, including final assembly, here in North America.[/gn_spoiler]

[gn_spoiler title="WHAT ARE THE PACKAGE SIZES AND HOW ARE THEY DELIVERED?"]Depending on which system you choose is ideal for your environment, they are delivered in different ways and with a few options that you can select at the checkout.  You can also view the different models specifications, and shipping weights and dimensions on the comparison page here

The FRAME model is delivered ground service, and to your door.  

The PRO series, are larger packages and in two boxes, delivered for maximum care and safety by freight service, and you have two shipping options at checkout, of either to your door, or to the nearest FedEx depot (or similar), for pickup as some customers prefer.

For updated shipping information, delays or back-orders on all SpeedFit models, please visit our shipping page.[/gn_spoiler]

[gn_spoiler title="HOW DOES THE DOOR FRAME MOUNTED SYSTEM SECURE AND IS IT SAFE?"] Safety, Strength, and Minimal impact, were the guiding principles of our mounting design for the FRAME system.  The SpeedFit FRAME model is mounted using a similar approach as your door, and with easily erasable damage to to frame housing itself.  If you wanted to move the FRAME from one door to another for example, it would require only small screw hole filling with wood puddy. This 6 point connection was chosen for maximum safety and security of the system and users, and minimal impact on the attachment points. For more details on the attachments you can view the description video or installation documents on the product specification page.[/gn_spoiler]

[gn_spoiler title="WILL I GET INSTRUCTIONAL INFORMATION WITH MY PURCHASE?"]YES!  Each of our three SoloStrength models comes with detailed information to get up and going quickly in the SoloStrength Training Zone.  The print material covers all the general information and guidance for beginner to intermediate and some advanced exercises.  We go into much more instructional guidance on our advanced exercises page, and you will get links to all of these sources following your purchase.  You will also receive a summary of all the instructional material, and extra motivation with our 30 Day email trainer that will ensure you get acquainted and well on your way, with a little information each day.  Our real-time trainers are coming soon, and will guide you through full real-time programs.   We will keep you motivated, educated, and inspired!  [/gn_spoiler]

[gn_spoiler title="DO THE PRODUCTS COME WITH A WARRANTY?"]All SpeedFit Gym Models come with a 5 year "tip-to-toe" warranty.  That means if it breaks, wears out or you have any problems with functionality within that time, we replace it for you.  Following that period you will have the option of replacing any worn or broken parts at our cost, plus shipping.  SoloStrength stands behind the quality of our North American manufactured products and ensure  you that all models were built to support "a lifetime of fitness".  For more details visit our Warranty Information page.[/gn_spoiler]

[gn_spoiler title="THE SYSTEM IN SOME OF THE VIDEOS LOOKS DIFFERENT.  WHY IS THAT?"]Some of our education and training videos have the original designed FUSION system.  The design that we first brought to market.    You will notice that the designs have changed to add certain features and functions that we found were commonly asked for.   Some of these things include have a wheel system for easy transport and moving the Pro-model SoloStrength systems around the floor.  We also widened the area of the ramp to accommodate both more exercise support, and wheelchair accessibility.   With the new designs, we were able to offer a really commercially durable (club/pro use) design to the base, and the support bar is rated over 1000 lbs. Additionally the new base surface is covered with a cushioned, and highly durable non-slip, non-porous surface for additional safety and hygiene.  We also removed the foam support on the grip bar for durability and hygiene purposes.  We discovered the smaller grip circumference and ease of cleaning was preferred by most customers.  If there is a concern over grip or slipping, we suggest use of training or cycling gloves, or straps/chalk as you would use on any gym equipment, however, for the most part we've found this isn't necessary for most people.  Of course there is the addition of the door mount gym design which is entirely new for this year.  We trust all the changes were improvements and will best serve the needs of our customers both for home gym and professional training use. If you have any input or thought you would like to share on our designs, please feel free to share them with our customer service team here. [/gn_spoiler]

[gn_spoiler title="WHAT MAKES SOLOSTRENGTH A BETTER WAY TO EXERCISE?"]There are many ways to answer this question, and the best answer depends on the person, and the space you are working with.   In general terms, SoloStrength SpeedFit Training is the safest way to achieve full body strength and cardio functional (higher metabolic burn due to fast paced strength and functional training movement) exercise.  Bodyweight based resistance exercise for strength benefits is efficient and effective because unlike isolation exercises (like you do on most cable machines or free weight training), you need to engage more of your bodies muscles to execute the movements.  


For your home, the convenience of having a system ready to go when you are, that is simple to use, fast to adjust through exercises and progressions, and allows you to put each moment of your time into exercising,  is the solution that we are all looking for.  Full body effective exercise movements that take no time to setup or prepare and allow us to make the most of what time we have to spend exercising.  Compare this to other systems that require more time to adjust exercises than it takes to complete an entire workout session on SoloStrength.  Now THAT's a solution for modern living that you can get excited about!


For facilities, training studios, clinics and other commercial use environments, the value of a single piece of equipment that takes up the same or less space than a treadmill, that you can train all of your clients or patients on, speaks for itself.  A simple to use system that allows you to quickly modify, demonstrate or adjust to individual needs, that keeps your time focused on the important things, and makes your job easier.   Not to mention the literally endless variations to the core exercises in our training programs, you can replace up to 8 pieces of equipment with one, and that translates to high ROI for your space, your dollars and your time.  Safety, simplicity, no maintenance and fuss free![/spoiler]

[gn_spoiler title="CAN I FIND SOLOSTRENGTH PRODUCTS IN RETAIL STORES?"]For the most part the answer to your question is no.  There are a few specialty retailers that carry our products but we sell primarily through direct distribution (online, events, affiliate distributors and online dealers).  The reason for this is quite simple.   We wanted to build the highest quality product, and offer it at the best possible price.   The pricing model we utilize does not allow us to meet the high margin requirements of retailers, without compromising quality, or charging an exorbitant price.  We weren't comfortable with either.    Keeping to this model allows us to offer you the best quality products at best pricing possible.

We also appreciate sharing of our information with those you feel would benefit, so please take a few moments to help us spread the word and share our website information.[/gn_spoiler]

[gn_spoiler title="CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT THE 30 DAY NO RISK RETURN POLICY?"]Absolutely!  We know that sometimes people change their minds.  While understanding the value of simple, fast, and safe exercise isn't hard to appreciate, and SoloStrength SpeedFit systems will certainly bring you that, it can help to know that you can return your purchase without question, should you be dissatisfied in any way.  If you are delayed in receiving your product through shipment or back-orders, your 30 days starts from the date you receive your product.

There are some conditions of course that apply, such as requiring original packaging, and no unacceptable damage, and you will be responsible for the return shipping cost.  More details can be found here.  Our goal is to help you get started and coach you through your first steps with the 30 day-E-trainer, and help advance your programs all the way through your fitness progress.   We want to see you success and live a powerful SoloStrength lifestyle. [/gn_spoiler]

CUSTOMER SERVICE: If there are any questions you have not covered in the above, please use our live chat on the bottom of your screen, or send us your questions here.


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