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solostrength partners distributors accessories exercise programs training SoloStrength is building a global network of dealers, distributors and affiliates, to help us most easily reach the needs of the marketplace. One of the best features of our adjustable bar exercise gym system, is that you can use it on it's own, very clean and fuss free, or, if you are looking for adding a broader range of exercises and movements, you can set the bar height quickly and use it as an anchor point to work with some of the best accessory training equipment available today.  Combining these pieces together in a Fusion Training program, allows you either in your home, or with your clients, to really maximize exercise variations and challenge.  The result is new exercises for equipment such as BOSU, Stability Balls, Resistance Bands (we recommend the Smart Toner by Twist Conditioning), and the well known TRX suspension training system.  We love it for a better support for doing P90X and Insanity programs by Beachbody as well.  The FUSION Exercise Programs take our essential basic bodyweight training programs, and turn SoloStrength SpeedFit into a virtual playground of exercises for you, your family or your clients to enjoy.    Less fuss and adjustments means faster workouts, the functional bodyweight training engages more muscles to complete the movements which means more efficiency and better results for your exercise time invested, and virtually endless combinations of exercise programs that you can customize and personalize to best meet your exercise needs and goals.  If you are already a customer, don't forget to stop by your customer feedback page and let us know how you are enjoying your workouts!   If you are new to SoloStrength, please visit our getting started page for quick introductions to our essential exercise programs and links to advanced workouts.  learn more about solostrength models For Dealers, Distributors and inquiries, please send us an email with your questions, or learn about how you can sign up in 30 Seconds for our Affiliate Program.