What is SpeedFit Training?

 Simple, Adaptable Fitness Equipment and Total Body Workout Programs:

SoloStrength SpeedFit Training Systems offer a complete exercise and fitness solution for whatever shape you are in or want to be in.  By combining simple to use fitness equipment with the versatility to adapt to all levels of fitness, and the SpeedFit Bodyweight Training programs that show you how to quickly customize the essential exercise movements for awesome total body fitness. You won't believe the results you can have with these full body engaging exercises that can be done by anyone, and the energy, toned body, lean muscles, and overall fitness achieved more quickly than you can imagine, will change the way you live each day.  The best part is that SoloStrength and SpeedFit programs grow with you, easily personalized to adapt to your progress, and is a sustainable activity for a lifetime of better fitness and lifestyle.  We stand behind our guarantee with a 30 day risk free trial.  SoloStrength offers a unique set of features, in a package solution  that uses natural and empowering body movements, that result in greater fitness faster, and more conveniently, than any other self-contained system you can buy.  Awesome.

Having the power to change your exercise, or progress the challenge in the palm of your hand, allows you to focus on the exercise programs, and because you engage more muscles to complete the full body movements, you are done faster, with superior results compared to simple weight training or cardio activity alone.  

The convenience, speed and simplicity combine to help you achieve more regular and challenging resistance based exercise necessary for balanced health, wellness and body/mind fitness and supports a more active lifestyle.  Less time getting and keeping fit and strong, means more time to enjoy it!.  You just grab the bar and go!  Stretch, have fun, build, pump, move.  It feels great!


An all-in-one training system that does it all!


speedfit fitness training exercise equipment by SoloStrength

Adjusting the bar height allows for full bodyweight or self assisted

SOLOSTRENGTH® designs and sells original physical fitness training and body weight exercise products of innovative design and premium quality, build in  North American.  Systems include the SpeedFit Series of full body training equipment, education, flexibility and resistance exercise programs that are changing the way we live and train each day, and enjoy life.  Whether fitness training for sport improvement, weight loss, maximum personal performance, or youthful aging...SoloStrength equipment solutions can be used by individuals of all ages for personal use as well as by professionals in medical and professional training environments.

Our Functional Training programs that use bodyweight based exercise, follow safe, natural movements to strengthen develop lean muscle, very effectively tone and unite the function of your entire body.  The very quick to adjust bar height (3 seconds or less), allows you to rapidly run through the essential movements program, and personalize the resistance level to customize the challenge to best suit your needs and fitness levels.   The equipment grows with you, allowing you to start at the most basic beginner level, and build into extremely challenging programs, but all can be completed within 20 minutes or less (as recommended).   Three times a week minimum, a one hour commitment of your time, and amazing fitness results that will change your life.   If your focus is on enjoyment of lifestyle, total body fitness to feel and look great, and balance of activity.  SoloStrength was built for you.  Learn more about how to start with our essential simple exercise programs.

Three new models in the SpeedFit Series to choose from for the perfect solution for your home or professional studio environment.  Start with the interactive walk through video below, that will help you decide which SoloStrength option is right for you.

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