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What SoloStrength Offers

SoloStrength builds specialized systems for supporting natural movement exercise and long term fitness.  The thoughtfully designed equipment is highly adaptive to unique user or client needs, and the integrated functional training programs maximize exercise options for easy development of programs perfect for each user.

A  truly universal solution, never before have you been able to train such a wide range of beginner and advanced training methods on one self-contained system.  A total body training system that maximizes exercise options in minimal floor space and cost.

The simplicity invites movement, and the quality construction ensures a value in long term fitness that users will never outgrow.

SoloStrength empowers the individual or health professional to maximize their exercise options in exchange for limited floor space.

Company Background

We are an 8-year-old, consumer products company in the $200 billion physical wellness market. We deliver top quality functional fitness training products and exercise programs for athletes, fitness professionals, physical therapists, first responders and people of all ages for convenient, safe and fast exercise in home. SOLOSTRENGTH  designs and sells original products of innovative design and premium quality North American construction. Our SpeedFit Series of Bodyweight resistance based equipment and exercise programs is changing the way athletes train for sport, trainers and exercise instructors train their clients, and important people like you, train for maximum everyday performance and success.  We strive to alter the way that people think about fitness equipment and programming around the country.

 Our Mission

At SOLOSTRENGTH®, our mission is to support your best fitness, most active life, and greatest success with fast, safe and extremely effective exercise. We are committed to helping our customers achieve peak physical condition by creating exceptional physical training products and exercise programs that focus on convenience and time-saving by putting everything needed for great fitness, in your environment, while respecting your space. We will create and sell our products in an environmentally sustainable fashion and maintain the highest standards of corporate responsibility. We will earn the trust of the world’s most demanding consumers by creating best-in-class products that deliver results, not promises.

 It's All-In-One, and one for all

The main driver behind the simple and fast exercise that was easy to learn and progress as your fitness improved, was to keep it fast and hassle free.  While you can certainly get all you really need for amazing fitness with any of the SpeedFit series, we like to say we are the most "accessory friendly" piece of equipment on the market.  Add other great accessory pieces such as TRX, TWIST SmartMuscle product, BOSU, weighted vests, and stability balls, and you have virtually unlimited variations and challenges to enjoy and keep your workouts as challenging as you want to make for yourself.  Not sure how to take your training to new levels? We offer detailed training videos, instruction manuals and advanced real-time trainers that will push you to the absolute limits...dare we say, bring out the beast in you.

We all know life is busy, and seems to be getting busier with all the new gadgets meant to improve our lives.  SoloStrength takes you back each day to simplicity, you, your body, movement, strength, stretching, everything you need to feed your body and mind with the core exercises to keep in great shape.   Of particular concern is the time demands on young families.  Arguably when we need our fitness the most, we are pressed to allow ourselves or find time to exercise sufficiently.  We all know what happens when you lose your fitness and have a young family.  It's very hard, if not nearly impossible, to get it back.  It was just at that time, when Bulva, got the idea to develop a prototype of the first SOLOSTRENGTH personal gym called the FUSION.  . The original SOLOSTRENGTH prototype was built of wood and metal fashioned in a likeness only Bulva might recognize to the latest quality designs in the SpeedFit Series.

Extensive R&D

Almost immediately, Bulva put SOLOSTRENGTH to the test and announced he was going to IHRSA to show it off to the world.  To great pleasure, the original products were sold out almost immediately and recognition from everyone in the industry from programmers, to educators, some of the worlds largest fitness companies made notable comments, and what was discovered was that the SoloStrength system that was originally designed to be used for Home use, was in demand just as much by the commercial market.  You will see this has evolved our product line to include a taller system that has options to secure to floor.   Commercial use is very demanding, and we designed the new systems to be nothing less than "bulletproof".  "I was amazed to see all the different kinds of exercises I hadn't even thought of yet with our trainers when we went out to the commercial market" says Bulva.  That's when I knew the application had to have a system built to withstand the 3P (push, pull, press) movements that health professionals and trainers demanded of the system.  "I liked the idea of such a high quality, so we built all the new series with the same tolerance and quality" Says Bulva.  There was a compromise to make.  Either build offshore, cheaper, and less control on materials, or have to pay a little more, but offer superior quality, and support our local economy with North American supply and manufacturing.  The result is that we aren't able to sell through retail which is why you will only find SoloStrength through direct sales channels, but we feel the quality and integrity of product is something that customers will appreciate.

The Complete Training System

Today,SoloStrength Lifestyle Products International Corp, is offering three models to suit any environment, education and specialized training programs. By using SoloStrength products, individuals can strengthen the muscles around the spinal cord and core area more safely, making them more stable and less likely to be easily injured. All models include comprehensive training programs for individuals, and athletes of all levels to elevate their fitness level.

For updates on our training videos and events, please join us and share our information as we expand our business and training but expanding people's awareness of SoloStrength and SpeedFit Training.   We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing about your SoloStrength training results!

SoloStrength Lifestyle and Fitness

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