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VANCOUVER, BC, July 12th, 2012


SoloStrength Launches Revolutionary NEW series of Fitness Systems for the Home & Commercial Markets

After 6 years in development, the SpeedFit® series of Bodyweight Fitness Systems receives rave reviews for simple, safe, fast and effective exercise at home or for the club/studio or rehab environment.

SoloStrength Lifestyle Products has launched its latest brain child for the at home fitness participant and Health Club and commercial facilities – a bodyweight based training system like no other. This Canadian made and designed all-in-one training system will revolutionize how people approach the need to get and stay fit on a fast, efficient, safe, and ultra-effective program using the SpeedFit® system.

SoloStrength has received great reviews from top brands and fitness names such as Tommy Europe, from WTN TV’s The Last 10 Pounds, Calgary Flames Team Trainer, Rich Hesketh, and Technogym – one of the largest commercial fitness manufacturers in the world who claim - “We like it very much… you guys are leading the way!”

Michael Bulva of North Vancouver is the creator and founder of SoloStrength Lifestyle Products. A lifelong fitness enthusiast and athlete, his latest bodyweight systems, SpeedFit®, are raising the bar on bodyweight strength training and cardio circuit resistance training worldwide.

The idea behind the SpeedFit® series of bodyweight fitness tools is simply this: to achieve a complete and total whole-body workout from stretch to strength and all in- between  in less time, with simple and easy adjustments to move from exercise to exercise, efficiently and to have FUN doing it! “We wanted to create a real solution that people could use to support all levels of fitness, without having to go to a gym, or find time for expensive classes or other equipment” Michael says. “The SpeedFit® systems can be integrated with some of today’s hottest training tools like the TRX, BOSU® and resistance bands for an even more effective and versatile workout, in less time than it takes you to get in to your car and drive to the gym.  The training methodology approaches your time as valuable, and by doing the functional strength training at a relatively rapid pace, a much more effective cardio and fat burning benefit is achieved than simple cardio equipment alone…so you can say goodbye to the boring cardio equipment, and hello to a strong, lean body.”

SoloStrength is a sleek looking and thoughtfully designed machine – a versatile object that makes any home or gym appear modern and polished, fitting into a space of 7’4 inches by 3.5 feet for the free-standing units and using only an existing door frame (and less than 5”) for the Door Frame installation, fitness is always accessible to anyone, of almost any age, and this is precisely the goal of SoloStrength, to make fitness fast, efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

Trainers, coaches, pro athletes and other fitness professionals from around the world are raving about this new bodyweight fitness technology and now SoloStrength is ready to be made accessible to all with its new launch! Simple, compact and easy to use while achieving a more efficient workout, in a much shorter timeframe - SoloStrength is welcome addition to the world of bodyweight fitness technology.

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June 5, 2012

SoloStrength Empowers Movement and Possibilities. Visit Summary Site

Starting at the beginning of June, we are so excited to announce we are filling our orders/pre-sales for the NEW SoloStrength designs!  The quality and applications are amazing!  If you haven't seen the new models yet checkout the new details for each model here.

We are so grateful to the supporters and industry leaders who have offered so much valuable feedback and sharing our site to introduce SoloStrength to the many various applications we aim to serve.   So whether you are sharing with your friends for home use, your trainer, facility owners/managers, sports teams, low/no management exercise environments, or physio/rehab facilities, please visit and share our newly designed summary page here: 

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Discover the endless variety of application and fast, safe fitness support with SoloStrength.  Empowering mind and movement and enriching a more powerful life with whole body training and real life results.

December 24, 2011

SoloStrength SpeedFit Pro-Home Gym Equipment

It was with some rush but more excitement that SoloStrength released it's new website to the public eye.   Many of you have followed the progression and development of SoloStrength and our original product in the Home and Studio Gym Category, the SoloStrength FUSION.   With a great deal of research and design, we have successfully been able to offer a new and improved version of the SoloStrength complete home gym system, with the SoloStrength SpeedFit PRO-Home.

In addition to the new home gym model, SoloStrength developed and added two other models.  The SpeedFit PRO-Studio works on the same platform as the PRO-Home, but has an extra foot of height for environments that have 9' ceilings or higher, and comes with an optional attachment instructional board covering all the essential basic exercises on our SpeedFit programs.   Advanced exercises are available on the website.

We are really excited for the THIRD model of SoloStrength, the ultimate space saving home gym system, the SpeedFit FRAME. You can view all of the specifications and pricing on our product page.