Why SoloStrength Should Be Your Choice For Balanced Total Body Exercise:


SoloStrength is for people who value quality, simplicity, and good design.

SpeedFit series of personal gyms were developed with quality all through.  From the North American design and manufacturing, to the complete instructional programming, that combine to offer a package that respects your time, space, body and balance. Watch our promo video.

The bottom line:
SoloStrength is for people who appreciate getting great fitness results, in the shortest time possible.   There is simply no better all-in-one system that brings the best exercises from the gym or best training studios, and puts it into your own hands and environment, without restrictions or limitation.   All of this gives you a lifetime of value by saving you time and money.  Learn more about SoloStrength Guaranteed "lowest cost" value here .



SoloStrength is for people who respect their time, their space, and their bodies.

It's almost impossible for it to be "too simple" when it comes to getting the fitness results you are after.  It is certainly impossible for many people, for it to be too fast, and it can most definitely be "too complicated".  We believe SoloStrength offers you the best balance of simple basic and advanced exercise options, with  virtually endless more advanced exercises to appease the side of you that likes "more complicated and more challenging".

Simply put, you can get what you need from the SpeedFit programs, no matter what mood you are in and what challenge best suits you that day.  If there isn't the very simple option, then your human side will find ways to talk yourself out of it, so start with a pleasurable stretch, release tensions, and take a moment to prepare yourself for your condensed full body exercise program that day, make it a habit, and you will find shocking results that will have you too saying solostrength is "your body's new best friend".




SoloStrength is for people who recognize the importance of simple basics, and the benefits of new challenges.

Let's start with the obvious fact.  Value in an exercise system is not derived from being able to do 1000 different exercises, on a complicated machine that takes up an entire room.  It would take a year to even try them all!  If time and speed are important to achieving the all important CONSISTENCY of your "regular" exercise, then we are going to have to narrow it down a little...so we picked the best ones to include in our basic instruction guides.

SoloStrength has something for everyone:
There are essentially 9 core exercises to complete a very satisfying full body workout.   However, it's very easy to adapt the basic exercises into more challenging ones by increasing your bodyweight resistance, or including compound movements into the exercise.   We provide you with printed and video instruction on the basic and intermediate exercise programs.

For the more advanced exercises, for the virtually endless variations of the basics, and addition of some recommended accessories by our partners, customers have access to our online video and instructional exercise pages.  We are constantly adding new exercises with influence by our gymnast, yoga, martial arts, Pilates and sport conditioning based educators.  The entry-level exercises are safe and easy for anyone to learn, but the challenges can go into an elite level that very few people will take themselves to.

Additionally we recognize that motivation can be challenging for some people at times.  We offer you all the tools you need to get you up to speed, learn all the basics, and keep you inspired with stories, announcements, new exercises and video instruction on a regular basis.




SoloStrength is for people who value living to the fullest. and recognize that extra time spent keeping in optimal shape, is time not spent enjoying it!

Looking for a challenge, or want to take it easy....we are all different and feel different each day.

Sustainable exercise and fitness:
SoloStrength recognizes that we go through many phases in life and while sometimes spending $100/month on classes and travel time and expenses are perfectly fine, but most times these approaches aren't sustainable over the changes in our lives.  That's one of the ways SoloStrength can balance your overall lifestyle, by keeping you in great shape all the time, and freeing up more time and giving you amazing energy to take to the odd class and new activity you want to take up (this month :)), and just helps to give you an overall better life experience.  Variety may indeed be the happy spice of life, and in today's busy world if you are going to have the energy, strength and time to enjoy different things, you'll thank us over and over again for your solostrength.



SoloStrength is for people who can appreciate simplicity, convenience and durability.

SoloStrength SpeedFit models are designed with state of the art materials, and equal concern of form and function.  Aesthetics and thoughtful consideration for daily use, blended together to create a beautiful flow of simplicity and design that looks great and modern in any environment.

Show it off!
Whereas most exercise equipment is something you'd rather hide away or out of sight, SoloStrength enhances your space and brings to you the convenience of always being ready when you are.  It's always fun to have a few pull up competitions at a party :).  But seriously, let's just say we aren't unhappy with the feedback from designers.



SoloStrength is for people who are motivated, and want the support of an inspiring team of trainers and educators to keep them going!

Our three new models of Personal Bodyweight Functional Fitness Gyms in the SpeedFit series cover the necessary solutions  for whatever your space and budget requires, and  our complete beginner and advanced training instruction allows you to get started quickly at any level, advance simply as your fitness progress, and easily maintain your desired functional fitness level to power all the things you are passionate about in life.

For those of you that need a little extra motivation, SoloStrength offers a complimentary 30 day - E-Trainer to get you started (if you didn't take time to review our complete instructional manuals :)), and our advanced programs offer a growing list of real time trainers to follow on our most popular workouts.  There are no excuses with SoloStrength; convenience, fast, and complete training to boost your fitness to new levels you never thought possible.



SoloStrength is for people who are busy.  With or without families, and want to be in great shape today, and as long as possible to enhance every aspect of their life's performance and experience.

When we say SoloStrength is good for everybody we mean every BODY.  From healthy youth development and safe strength training for sports, to energized youthful aging, or safe weight loss, SoloStrength SpeedFit programs meet the needs for all levels of challenge and simple resistance based exercise for balanced, total body fitness.  Call it functional fitness, or being in great shape, we call it solostrength ...in other words, it's you...at your best.

Modelling a lifestyle:
Something to consider for those of you with family and kids around...is the wonderful benefits of modelling your active lifestyle to your children.   Don't be surprised if you see them jumping in and challenging you to push yourself harder!  It's a great partner workout too...easy to adjust and do circuit style training with fast adjustments for each of you between your sets - fast AND fun!

   All SpeedFit Models are Guaranteed Family and User Friendly.



SoloStrength is for people who appreciate getting  amazing results in the shortest time possible, in support of active, healthy, balanced living.

Who needs them?  Well we all do, and often what we are looking for is as individual as we are.   However we all too often miss out on the most important aspect of regular exercise for overall balanced fitness - resistance based training.  Sometimes it's due to complexity, sometimes it's the clock, or not enjoying gym environments, other times it's just not having the necessary tools to accomplish what we need in the convenience of our home.  Well you can say goodbye to those excuses and hello to an energy and fitness packed lifestyle with SoloStrength.

Features you really need, and none you don't.
When you are considering the things you need in a home or professional studio gym, they often aren't any different.  Quality, durability, safety, and versatility of exercises.   We all have different levels of focus and desired challenge and one of the best parts about the SpeedFit series is that the all require only one adjustment, to change exercises or intensity/resistance levels.  It can't get any more simple than that!  Combine the simplicity with the speed to adjust the bar (3 seconds or less from all levels), and you have a recipe for long-term happiness with your SoloStrength SpeedFit personal gym.



SoloStrength is for people value their total body health, and long-term wellness.

What is bodyweight exercise?
Well if you don't already know, it's simply leveraging your own body, as natural resistance to build strength and muscle, and produces some of the most awe-inspiring and conditioned bodies on the planet.  We aren't talking about the gargantuan mega-muscle builders, or the broken down anemia lean conditioning of long distance athletes, but we are referring to the sexy, total body conditioning (which is always attractive by nature), that you see in gymnasts, and many fitness professional elite that so well represent what can be done with an effective balance of natural resistance (body against itself)  with compound and multi-joint movements that force our body and mind to coordinate in a dance of function and strength.   If you haven't experienced the incredible feeling of a "full body buzz", then please get back to us after your first few SpeedFit Workouts...we love the testimonials and the awesome energy produced with these programs.  We're confident you will too!

Alternatives?   Yes there are many forms of bodyweight based resistance options on the market today, proving it's popularity and benefits.  However, there is nothing as unique, convenient, simple to use,  and complete, as SoloStrength.   While most other options rely on adjustable bands or cords, and are challenging if not dangerous movement types that offer an injury risk arguably greater than the reward for using them (for most people).   There are a few wonderful noted exercises that we suggest using some of these accessory pieces with our system for in our more advanced programs,  and we love to work in association with some of these amazing companies.  You can learn more about our partners and recommended accessory products here.   If you haven't already done so, we recommend you for special bundling offers we have from time to time and to get new exercise videos and testimonials from SoloStrength.


  • If you aren't convinced yet to the awesome value of a simplified exercise approach in your life? Check out some of our ever-growing testimonials...and see what others have to say, what they are experiencing, and we hope to have your success story (we reward your success) soon too!
  • One of the greatest tools we offer is the 30 day - E-Trainer that comes with each SpeedFit purchase. Step by step introductions day by day for an entire month, to break down all the learning into quick bits in case you don't manage to make it through the brief but concise training instruction manual :).
  • Very soon, we will be offering an extended service of inspirational real-time trainer videos for our most popular workouts, and some very challenging advanced workouts to really help push the value, and benefits, of your SoloStrength SpeedFit training!
  • SoloStrength stands behind the value of our products with a 30 Day Risk-FREE Guarantee for your purchase.
  • All SoloStrength SpeedFit models come with a "tip-to-toe" 5 year complete warranty. Trust that we designed and built them for a lifetime of use. It's just the way we do things here. Still have some questions? Feel free to check out our Q&A Page, or send an email.






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