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SoloStrength SoloStrength SpeedFit PRO-Home Commercial Gym Equipment Free Standing Adjustable Press and Pull Up Bar Home Gym Equipment Bodyweight Exercise Functional Training System SKU UPC Model SpeedFit Pro-Home, SpeedFit Pro-Studio Commercial Gym, Adjustable Bar Door Frame Gym,

Wow. Just wow.

Sep 07, 2014 by Chris

As I was telling Micheal:
I got it put together and played with it a few nights ago. It's AWESOME!!

I had some concerns about the size and integrity while I was assembling it (which was super easy), but it's rock solid once the bolts were in and you add your body weight to it.

I also have to mention the crafting of the pieces. They are immaculately machined and fit together perfectly. I wanted to sit with a piece in my lap and just run my hands over it, but my cats got jealous. It's that well done.

Some pieces of advice:
-Take the dimensions seriously. I got the SoloStrength SpeedFit Pro-Studio version b/c I'm 6'5" and needed the higher machine. It's big. It's better than gym grade too. It will not fit in a nook in your bedroom. It demands some serious planning for placement.

-Work with the carrier. Be sure to communicate with them if you live upstairs.

-The boxes are serious business too. Take note of the dimensions and weight. You really want to take advantage of a nice deliveryman if you can.

-Be sure the notches on the bottom legs are up like the first steps of the instructions indicate. ;)

Kudos to an awesome product. Like another reviewer said, it'll probably last more than my lifetime; my grandchildren will be sweating out pull ups (and much more!) decades after I'm gone. Worth every single penny.

Unbelievable Product

Aug 19, 2014 by Scott Petinga

I learned two valuable lessons twenty years ago in the Corps. 1) that you can achieve an amazing body by leveraging your own body's weight. 2) that no one has ever drowned in sweat.

So by utilizing the SoloStrength with TRX, I am able to execute hundreds of exercises that develops both my strength and balance – allowing me to finally get the body I want.

Installation was a breeze

Nov 14, 2013 by King

This unit gives a whole new meaning to the term "hell for stout." The metal parts should last forever. The unit will last longer than I will.

I looked at SoloStrength for some time but the size and price of the Fuse unit was not in my ballpark for cost or space. The door frame unit is just what I needed to replace some other door frame mounted equipment while providing a base for other exercise tools (bands, straps, etc.). The price made it almost a no-brainer and "had to have." I look forward to giving it some extended use this winter.

Ass Kicker Workouts!

Nov 14, 2013 by R.Garospe

SoloStrength kicks my ass and way better than any piece of equipment I've used bar pardon the pun, so versatile!!!

The most efficient way to exercise today!

Oct 11, 2012 by Linda Maxwell

SoloStrength is a total fitness workout that challenged my endurance, my strength, agility and my range of motion. As a busy single mom, who also works full-time, maximizing every workout minute is extremely crucial for me. My introduction to a SoloStrength workout with Michael was incredibly impressive! When we talked about meeting for a workout, I felt like I already had a strong understanding of the potential behind SoloStrength and the ability to shape the physique simply by using body weight. But to actually run through a quick and rigorous workout with him sealed my belief that this is by far the most efficient way to exercise today!

It just reminded me of one of my favorite icons, Bruce Lee, who is well known for using only his body weight to achieve that lean, cut physique. I love the gym, no doubt, but when I'm crazy busy and can't get there, I start feeling stressed out. My workout with SoloStrength made me feel empowered again. I felt confident that I could instead utilize this efficient structure in my home to enable me to move quickly and intensely from one exercise to another simply using the adjustable bar and my own body weight. Gyms, weights.. it's all great, but TIME is EVERYTHING and I want every minute with my son and my workouts to be QUALITY. SoloStrength fitness options take up less space than the size of a small washroom, it's safe to have in a home with a child (and fun!) and yet it allowed for an intense, focused and convenient workout that taxed every muscle in my body and it was full on cardio! Talk about DOMS, I was still feeling my workout two days later (and that was just in 18 minutes, no joke!) Thanks SoloStrength and thank you Michael! That was a fantastic use of my time!

So much FUN! SoloStrength changed my health and my life!

Sep 18, 2012 by Carmen K

When I first saw the SpeedFit system (I call it solo) I was very I have been going through about a year of recovery on my foot/hip/shoulder and had just been reamed out by my physio that I was not listening to him and wasting my money on coming to him and would be headed back for surgery if I kept up what I was lifting weights, plyometrics, etc. so when I saw the solo my immediate gut feeling was FREEDOM. I figured out a way to keep doing what I love (moving/exercise/fitness) and do it safely and creatively. So I have been following the recommendations of my physio and surgeon by not externally loading but still moving my body weight I know that is an overused word but for me it is what I have had to down phase my mind to. I have NEVER trained for function just for load. I was a competitive body builder years ago and all that mind training has stayed with me....go heavy or go home. But I now realize how a) stupid b)unrealistic C) unhealthy it all is. I want my body to last my lifetime and not be one of those old people relying on walkers, chairs, caregivers etc because of diseased and degenerating joints....which is where I was heading. I don\'t plan to go there now that I have my solo! So yes I am passionate about it, especially since my physio is SO impressed with the rate of my recovery, strength, and flexibility gains. (as am I:).

I immediately saw the value of the solo for my clients. With Anorexia many are atrophied and quite weak so the value of the solo is inherent. With obesity several clients have not had the experience of moving their bodies ( at least not pleasurably) and feel unsafe in many exercise positions. The solo addresses this as well, they are able to do whatever weight/exercise they are capable of safely and well, with proper mechanics. There is nothing that this machine cannot do!!!

Response: That\'s SoloStrength AWESOME Carmen! Great feedback to share thank you and we are excited to hear back from your clients. Keep up the great work!

Family Health Plan- Teamed Up with Greatness

Aug 26, 2012 by Friedman Family

My journey to health and well being is now fully supported with a SoloStrength System. Making room in my home for a system was integral as it allows my whole family, any age, to enjoy the benefits of a physical health. I am enjoying watching the transformation my son is experiencing as he embraces a lifestyle shift... thanks to the SoloStrength user friendly design we can workout together easily following the training guides and/or adding our own favourite "zone" specific workouts. Teamed Up with Greatness - In Gratitude for SoloStrength!!!

Response: Now THAT is SoloStrength living! Unity, empowerment, movement, and all around active health and fitness! Congratulations to you and your family and we are pleased to hear your satisfaction. Look for our ever growing training support videos to keep new ideas flowing and keep the feedback coming! With gratitude, SoloStrength Team.

Functional Fitness

Jul 27, 2012 by Carmen Kaufmann, MSW, RSW, CSNA, ACE

Due to injuries from past training I was ordered by physician/physio/surgeon to unload my training regime, which is when soloStrength came into my life. It is comprehensive functional fitness at its best!!! I am able to stay fit, healthy and injury free as well as address my rehabilitation needs all in one. It is an incredible machine that I intend to use with all of my clients/patients.


Feb 23, 2012 by Jeremy Brown

I\'m an out-of-shape middle-aged family man. I used to be in great shape in my youth and young adult years due to sprint canoeing, which included a lot of bodyweight training. I have always been a fan of bodyweight exercises, and used to have a couple of doorway chin-up bars that I would adjust to different heights (a crude version of your doorway system). I also had an old bodyweight training magazine that I used as my bible. In my search to get back into shape using bodyweight training, I came across your website and was blown away. This is exactly what I have been looking for. You are a genius. As soon as I decide on a model (doorway or free-standing), I will be in touch. In the meantime, Bravo!, and continued success.
Jeremy Brown

Response: You\'ll love our new training programs Jeremy! Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome - I LOVE it!

Feb 17, 2012 by Sarah Lovely

I have been training my clients and myself on nothing but the SoloStrength for 4 years now. The results are staggering. Both in appearance of the body and the skeletal structure as well. It\'s versatile - it can be an intense cardio muscle building work out, or a flexibility and toning session. 20 minutes does the trick.
If the SoloStrength Gym dissapeared over night - I would quit my job as a trainer.

Response: Awesome feedback thanks Sarah! TRAINERS and fitness professionals you can learn more about our education and certification programs here to help you get maximum utility with your clients and space.

Efficiency @ it's best!

Feb 15, 2012 by shelley

Wow! Where to start…. The Solo Strength is so easy to use for any person. The design is brilliant. I can do my squats & lunges in perfect form & focus on my muscles not my balance! With the concept of using my own weight resistance coupled with the Video program teaching the right placing of my feet & hands etc., I can accomplish an amazing full workout in 20min. The icing on the cake is that I get my cardio @ the same time! This machine is a dream come true. I don\'t like cardio & the Solo Strength allows me too get all I need for an optimum workout & feel invigorating when I\'m done! The stretching techniques are amazing too! Thank you Michael! You have delivered me the opportunity to get my sexy back in a very do-able way! =D

Awesome workouts available to you 24/7

Nov 22, 2011 by Todd Duncan

I tried out SoloStrength over a year ago. The first time I tried it, I was instantly impressed by how naturally my body reacted to the machine and exercises. You don\'t use any weights, only body resistance, yet it\'s equally effective in creating a muscular build, as well as optimum cardiovascular results. That\'s how I felt.

Since then I\'ve enjoyed workouts in my own home, all year around and on my schedule, and all it takes me was 20-30 minutes a day to really feel a good pump from this equipment, and I would recommend this to anybody who is setting personal fitness goals, and requiring an efficient workout, totally available to you 24/ 7.

Todd Duncan

Response: Glad you are enjoying it Todd! Thanks for the feedback and we are excited to share our NEW training programs and FUSION FLOW programs combining stretching, strength and breathing exercises into one session. They are awesome!

leading the way...

Jul 15, 2011 by Nerio A

We first saw SoloStrength at IHRSA industry show and immediately were attracted to it\'s beautiful design, and simplicity. We like it very guys are leading the way.
Nerio A.

Response: Thank you Nerio! Awesome words!

As a Pro Sports Team Strength Coach...

Jan 06, 2011 by Rich Hesketh

I took SoloStrength system onto a fitness TV segment because we have been using it with the Calgary Flames in the training Room. In a nutshell, you can do everything you need with the SoloStrength system, from flexibility and Strength training, and all levels and you don\'t need to go any further than this system. It\'s a perfect simple and effective home gym system. I love it, it\'s ideal and I think everyone should have one.
Rich H.
Pro-NHL Team Strength Training Coach

Response: Really appreciate the feedback and support Rich!

5.0 5.0 14 14 As I was telling Micheal:I got it put together and played with it a few nights ago. It's AWESOME!!I had some concerns about the size and integrity while I was assembling it ( SoloStrength SpeedFit PRO-Home Commercial Gym Equipment