solostrength beats the time crunch with faster exerciseWhat is your time worth?

The question varies for each of us at different time and stages in life, but the common experience for nearly everyone these days, is that we are all "too busy".  Our health however can't take a backseat or before you know it, illness starts driving.

If we are too busy for taking care of the responsibility of our overall fitness, we suffer by losing out on the things that help us to really feel good about ourselves, enjoy life, keep our physical strength up, our mental wellness, and our psychological edge.  Obviously this is a self-defeating pattern that can't continue.    This is one of the reasons, SoloStrength has developed the SpeedFit system, which simply allows you to get the essential exercises we all need, to keep stronger, fitter, and healthier, and does it in less time and a safer way, than anything else. 

Very important to say here, is that SoloStrength supports a balance of activities.  Humans need variety to keep excited and inspired.  It's fun to do different things.   However, we also need a regular pattern of healthy activity to ensure we get the type of exercise we need consistently enough, to keep in the baseline shape we desire for ourselves, and live to our optimal best, despite the busy time schedule.   


The way we can look at the value of SoloStrength SpeedFit systems for your life, can take many perspectives.  First we can start with time and options.  If you are a person who enjoys taking classes, or if you like to drive to a gym to get your resistance exercise training, that's one type of person.  Then there are others that say to themselves they are so busy, that they don't even have time to think about it.  Now if you find you are in either of these categories, SoloStrength can greatly improve your life and lifestyle, health, and fitness.  


We can all see for ourselves, by reading the biographies and articles, or asking the people we know who manage their lives in such a way that they keep themselves fit, healthy and active, over time, to see what others are doing that really works.    The biggest factor for almost every single person that is able to maintain fitness over the years, is that they never workout to hard or extreme, and they always, maintain a consistent schedule.    That doesn't mean you can't have fun and impulsive activity when it suits you, or enjoy meals with all sorts of things you "shouldn't eat", we are human, and sometimes enjoying these things is what we want to do, and in little amounts usually won't hurt, but the main thing is that the activity has to be consistent.    


The same people mentioned above, will always include some form of resistance exercise in their training.  Why? Because resistance training is imperative to load the muscles, to help maintain or develop stronger and leaner muscles, tighten the body in the process, it increases our metabolic rates during and after the exercise (something far superior to strictly cardio based training activity), and burns more calories as a result.  This helps us burn through and melt away any extra fat our bodies might be carrying, and work us into a better state of balanced total body fitness.     What happens if you don't like to use free weights, cable systems or don't like to take the time to go to a gym environment to use this equipment?  Well typically that leaves bodyweight based resistance exercise.   Most trainers and fitness professionals now use and promote bodyweight based training as a safer, more effective and faster way to get our resistance exercise.   For many people however, the ability to use our body effectively in this way however, is very limited.  The simplicity of the SoloStrength SpeedFit gyms, really assists in both the very beginner workouts, and in effectiveness, as the simple and fast adjustment of the bar height, is all you need to do in order to change exercises, or progress to a more challenging version of any one of the exercises you can do with the programs.    In effect it grows with you, to change and be what you need, as your fitness and strength improves.


As our favorite saying says: "YOU JUST GRAB THE BAR AND GO!", having a SoloStrength SpeedFit gym in your home or professional training studio is convenience second to none.   It virtually replaces an entire gym full of exercise ability, into one compact system, that has the versatility to meet the needs of anyone in your home or training environment.   Your gym and exercise is "always ready when you are". That means if all you have is 15 minutes before you hit the shower in the morning or between coming home and going out for the evening, you have all you need to complete the essential exercises program, or your own customized workout personalized to best meet your training goals.    You will guaranteed feel amazing with the selection of natural and empowering movements, your body feels tight and energized, and you have breathed...the deep breathing is incredibly valuable for relaxing and strengthening your immune system too, but back to the fun of fast exercise.


SoloStrength and SpeedFit programs use natural strength based movements that engage more muscles than typical weight training exercises that use weights or dumbbells, and cable machines.  This is one of the best benefits of bodyweight based training.  Most of the exercises need to really engage the core or abdominal area region of your body, to execute the movement.   Whether you are strong enough to complete 50 or 1 full bodyweight pull up, or need to lower the bar height to self spot through your first or last 10 in a set, you can get amazing full body exercise from these programs.  In other words, the only way it won't work for you, is if you don't use it.  This is a good point to bring up, because many people become unmotivated after a while and stop using equipment or never start.   SoloStrength is different in this way, that there is more pleasure and fun, in stretching and empowering movements, that make all of us feel strong and good about ourselves.   When we feel good, we usually continue to do these the things that are making us feel that way.  If it's fast, even better, and when the results are amazing, well ...then you are living with SoloStrength.


At a little over a $1.00 a workout session, and averaging 3 workout sessions a week, over 10 years, (one user, and pro-home model) the cost, time, and stress related value SoloStrength offers we can roughly say is greater than 5 to 1.  That's in terms of dollars and time.  However, and maybe even the more important variables for you to consider in a purchase of SoloStrength, is the convenience, and simplicity, that support a much higher opportunity for success in achieving and keeping your fitness levels high.  No more roller coaster up and downs, or on seasons and off seasons, just easy fitness and always keeping feeling and looking great.   The other question you have to consider is what else are you going to do now that you have save the time and money that you would have otherwise spent, and how is this higher fitness level going to change the way you live your life?  More balanced and varied activities? More energy to enjoy more things and feeling better about yourself to share with the people you love to spend time with.  That's why we built SoloStrength, and we are confident you will experience the same things for yourself, and offer a free return policy to back it up.  Try it for 30 days, get all the instructional material, including our 30 day e-trainer and training support resources, and see for yourself if SoloStrength isn't the best thing you can do to support your health, fitness and wellness.