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How to get 50 fast exercises at home with SoloStrength Fitness Equipment

Are you looking to squeeze in an extra workout or two each week with Exercises at home? 

Getting an awesome full body workout at home is one of the best ways to compliment your gym or studio exercise routines...look into SoloStrength Home Gym Exercise Equipment for fast and very versatile strength training exercises and stretching for everyone in your home.  A full range of training is possible from Beginner assisted strength exercises, to full bodyweight total body killer workouts, SoloStrength provides freestanding and doorway mounted frame models, to suit your needs, check out www.SoloStrength.com for more information and online exercise equipment store

Watch video below for 50 fast exercises at home for strength training and total body conditioning:

Isometric Exercise as a Training Tool

What is the body weight training cultures perception and knowledge about isometric exercise and the positive health benefits derived from incorporating this manner of muscular development in a fitness routine?

Isometrics is often misunderstood and at best difficult for most novices/average persons in fitness to properly apply this to their fitness routines.  The applications, definitions and concepts are often cloudy and hard to apply because people do not seek out this form of fitness in their pursuit to health and fitness.

I have found that information of how to perform isometric exercises based upon body part/group training routines are not easy to find and or the information is often expressed in a manner that a beginner and at most times an intermediate fitness enthusiast will not understand.

Isometric exercises have been around for hundreds of years and can be found in use in the following forms of, martial arts, yoga, Buddhism, shaolin monks and Greek and romans civilizations.  The Greeks and Romans called it “Soft Training”, and in Buddhism “Yijin Jing.” Chin Ching; literally (“Muscle/Tendon Change").

Isometric Exercise sample chest exercise

Traditional types of exercise include isotonic exercise, where tension or resistance remains unchanged in either an eccentric (lowering) or concentric (raising) movements. Dumbbells and other free weights are good examples of this kind of exercises, where bicep curls and or other movements take place against a set resistance. Isotonic exercises require two specific types of muscle contractions according to the load placed on the body:

  • A concentric muscle contraction occurs when the body is able to manipulate a weight load in a certain direction.
  • An eccentric muscle contraction occurs when the weight is too much for the body, and the muscles focus on distributing impact, rather than raising or lowering a weight load.

Another kind of conventional training is isometric training. In isometrics, there is no movement, and the muscle length and joint angle do not change. Someone holding free weights while not in motion is an example of this kind of training. (AKA: Static Exercise)

There are two popular types of isometric exercises. One is overcoming isometrics and the second is yielding isometrics. “Overcoming isometric”, is where you press against an immoveable object such as pushing or pulling against pins, a stationary (fixed position) bar or even a wall. Yielding isometrics is where you hold a load and as fatigue sets in the load forces you into an eccentric contraction. “Yielding isometrics” are generally performed by "lowering and holding the barbell, dumbbells or object being used and trying to prevent it from lowering down.  (AKA: negative reps)

One of the most important benefits of isometric action training is that it’s the contraction regimen that leads to the greatest activation level. "Activation" refers to the recruitment of the muscle's motor-units.

A recent study comparing the level of muscle activation during isometric, concentric, and eccentric muscle actions found that a person can recruit over 5% more motor-units/muscle fibers during a maximal isometric muscle action than during either a maximal eccentric (lowering) or maximal concentric (lifting) action; that’s 95.2% for isometric compared to 88.3% for the eccentric and 89.7% for the concentric.

 These findings are in accordance with the body of literature that finds that a person can recruit almost all motor-units during a maximal isometric action. (3) What this tells us is that isometric training can improve our capacity to recruit motor units during a maximal contraction. In the long run, this improved neural drive could greatly increase one’s strength production potential!

In the past, isometric exercises have been described as a technique that should only be used by advanced lifters. I beg to differ. One of the biggest shortcomings of lower-class lifters is the incapacity to produce maximum intramuscular tension during a concentric contraction. Isometric exercise can thus be used to learn how to produce this high level of tension, as it requires less motor skills than the corresponding dynamic action. For this reason, I see isometric exercises as very beneficial for all classes of athletes.

As in all exercise applications there are hundreds of, if not thousands of exercise variations using both of these techniques and the many other related forms for body weight fitness and weight training exercises.

Not only can the physiological (body/muscular) benefits like muscle strength and muscular definition be achieved with either form, but the psychological (mental/mind) aspects of linking your mind to your body using applied positive imaging (pictures in your mind), using your mind to think the exercise to beneficial results.

The common Consensus of using Isometric Exercise as a Training Tool and Benefits:

The common isometric consensus in isometric training is to apply a single angle muscular contraction (maximum flexed state) for somewhere between 10-60 seconds to receive the maximum muscular stimulation that enhance muscle strength and achieves muscular definition.  It has also been stated that holding the contracted muscles position produces beneficial results without hitting the same muscle from multiple angles like in weight lifting or isotonic movements. However, I have found a greater benefit from changing the application angles when I perform isometric based exercises in my fitness routine.

DRS- (Direct Self Resistance) exercise movements are pitting one group of muscles against the other when performing BWT exercises and DVR (Dynamics Visual Resistance) mentally picturing the results in the movement where you tense or flex your muscles while contracting the muscle, (no weights). No equipment exercises that can be performed anywhere at any time.  Examples of these can be found in John Peterson’s book, “Pushing Yourself to Power.”

The Solo Strength training system can assist you in any type of isometric exercise as it is fully adjustable allowing you to perform anything from isometric body squats, isometric pushups, isometric shoulder presses, isometric bent over rows, isometric triceps press downs, isometric bicep barbell curls and all other examples of isometric variations static exercises by simply sliding the bar into position and locking it in place.

The possible health and fitness benefit from isometric exercises are endless and should be considered to enhance any type of personal fitness training.  The key to good health is in balance of all aspects in your life, spiritual, emotional, volitional, physical and mental balances.

Please remember to talk with your doctor before trying any training routine for the first time.  Isometric exercise training involves placing your body under extreme physical stresses for a predetermined amount of time and is known to raise blood pressure levels and circulatory stresses on anyone that uses this form of training in a routine. 


Contributing Editor for SoloStrength: Steven O.

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bodyweight exercise equipment affiliate functional fitness training

The simple to learn and develop body weight based fitness workouts that can be done on SoloStrength systems are amazing exercise and provide extremely fast workouts that both strengthen and tone the body and very helpful for beginners to self-assist their movements and build up to amazing fitness condition all with just one machine.   

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The versatility of our home exercise equipment is second to none.  Only one adjustment to make to change exercise difficulty or challenge, or modifying body position as you improve your fitness condition, to keep the workouts appropriate and increasing in challenge as you wish.    The system is ideal for working with personal training professionals as well to keep the training new and fresh and client centered even in very limited floor space training areas.  

New Adjustable Pull Up Bar Home Gym

The value of the standard strength exercise of pull-ups and chin-ups is undeniable, there is a sense of extreme accomplishment by being able to lift your own body weight with a pull up bar;  and today's progressive entrepreneurs are developing new versatile ways to accomplish these exercises with adjustable pull up bar home gym equipment.

adjustable pull up bar

Typical door mounted non-adjusting pull up bar with limited exercise value

The trouble with fixed height pull up bars is that the greater majority of people, even if they are relatively fit and stronger than average, can still not use them for proper form pull ups or even accomplish more than a single pull up - rendering the fixed height pull up bar virtually useless as a training tool or effective piece of home gym equipment.  

Most exercises require a minimum target goal for reps of at least 8-10 per set.  Let's say you were wanting to train yourself or a client for wide grip pull ups or chin ups (palms closer and facing you), for three sets of 10+ reps...would a fixed pull up bar work for this?

If yes, you are one of very few people who can accomplish this, and not being able to accomplish even 2-3 in a set won't help you get there very soon.

If no, you are sitting there staring at the equipment wondering...what am I going to do with that now?

Freestanding Adjustable Doorway Pull Up Bar Online

Even if you are strong enough to complete 10 reps for one set, the ability to complete two or three sets is greatly diminished after the first set, without the ability to lighten the resistance (typically done through self spotting or assist in some way).  This bring us to one of the primary values of this new adjustable pull up bar home gym system.

The many benefits and versatility to adjustable pull up bar home gym equipment:

home gym body weight exercise equipment freestanding barSoloStrength Home Exercise Equipment designed and developed a solution to this problem, with their series of freestanding and door frame mounted adjustable exercise bars.  By virtue of the simple and fast adjustments to a full range of height that quickly adapts to each user, SoloStrength SpeedFit home gym systems offer a super FAST way to exercise in your home, and the ability to accomplish simple and highly effective total body exercise workouts that anyone can complete in home, in minimal time.   The ability to create and customize workouts is only limited to one's own desires and the bar is ideal for stretching exercise of all sorts and as an anchor support to replace door mounted anchors for suspension training like TRX, allowing it to integrate with many types of training tools to make a highly complete home gym exercise system that you can use well into your golden years and everyone in the family can enjoy.    

Take a look at some of the home workout exercise photos here and you can visit the SoloStrength online home gym equipment store for more information about their different home gym and professional studio models. .



View some Exercises and Workouts you can do at home training with Adjustable Pull Up Bar home gym Video Below:

Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

There is a growing trend to be more efficient with our time and looking to home exercise equipment to meet our overall fitness goals which typically involve weight loss.   A number of companies have been developing easier and more simple systems to learn and use for the average everyday user, and SoloStrength is leading the way with their new SpeedFit line of professional studio quality home gym equipment.

Today's busy lifestyles do not leave as much time as the past, for travel and lengthy bodybuilder style workouts in the gym.  That fast pace of living in today's rapid changing world requires short, effective total body workouts that can be done efficiently in the convenience of our homes.

home exercise equipment for weight loss

It's well known that strength training is the most important component lacking in most exercise routines and efforts made by people to stay fit.  The most simple way to include strength training is to use the resistance of your own body weight  for keeping strong, toned muscles and lean muscle development.  The "afterburn" effect that is created by strength training in home workout routines, burns more calories then the same time spent doing cardio only (walking, running, biking) activities, which helps you achieve superior results for the limited time you have to exercise.   A higher intensity strength training workout routine will also produce highly beneficial aerobic benefits which provides high value fitness bang, for your time.   Take a moment to look into it, one thing is for sure, you've never seen home exercise equipment like this before. 

 So how does in home exercise equipment provide the answers to achieving your fitness goals?

SoloStrength equipment is fast to use.  One adjustment of the bar, and a corresponding position for your body, changes the focus of exercise group, or difficulty and challenge level of the exercise.  This leaves you focused on your exercising, and not wasting time changing, waiting or chatting.  The in home workout routines are total body exercise programs, and are typically completed in 15 minutes - less time than it takes most people to get to and started the their gym workouts. 

You can learn more about SoloStrength by watching the home exercise equipment demonstration video below, or visiting the online store for SoloStrength Home Exercise Equipment here.

Bodyweight Training: Is it right for me?

Bodyweight training, to do or not to do?  Misconceptions are what most individuals perceive when asked about the possible benefits and what can be expected for results using BodyWeight Training (BWT) principles and exercises.  I would have to tell you that if your looking for functional results that apply to every day life, then BWT is on the fast track for getting in shape and maintaining a healthy mobile life style with limitless possibilities.  The vast variety of exercises that are available for a person to pursue are only the limited to an individuals imagination.  Take bicep training for example. most every one knows that a preacher curl bench, combined with a dumbbell curl, curl bar curls or straight barbell curls provides adequate direct muscle fiber stimulation to provide instant blood flow to the biceps, resulting in growth over time. Yes there are all kind of physiological and bio mechanical technical terms taking place as a result of this type of isolate muscular direct stimulation. However, there are two simple pull up exercises that can build a larger and or very defined bicep that will create the guns we all desire.  One exercise application is the reverse grip pull up.  This is done with the (palms facing towards) you with your hands 0" to 15" part.  This is probably the number one way novices in BWT pursue a more defined bicep or try to achieve the feeling of the much desired muscle pump associated with muscle growth. The exercise I personally like to use is the close grip overhand pull up.  This is done by placing your hands (facing palms forward/away from you) over the pull up bar, with 0" to 15" of distance between your hands.  This exercise for me has given me a  more defined and developed bicep then anything I every did or attempted to do for that area with weights.  You can mix it up by wrapping a towel over the bar to increase the bar diameter or if your lucky you can have a variety of bar diameter sizes to assure various angles of stimulation and growth.  These exercises can be performed by anyone, yes anyone. 

solostrength bwt bodyweight training results bicepsFor those who can not perform an unassisted pull up repetition. You can do so (with caution) by standing on a chair to assist your ascending (pulling upwards) and your descending (lowering downwards) movements. In (most cases) overtime you will be able to perform unassisted reps. Now let's discuss the equipment you would need to use, a preacher curl device requires a minimum of three to four square feet of floor space and then the storage area for the dumbbells, barbells and all other associated accompanying equipment.  Not to mentions the cost of buying all of these items.  BWT requires a huge amount of self discipline and a standard door way pull up bar, bar hanging from your floor joists in your basement and or a stationary pull up bar to complete full bodyweight training programs. 

There is also a training device that allows you to perform the bicep BWT exercises as well as any other BodyWeight Training exercise for getting fit. 

The SoloStrength Home Exercise Training Systems, this is a unique all in one body weight training tool for those who want an all in one personal home training system.  BWT is just coming to the surface in personal fitness and has been proven to provide the user with results that become a life style for the healthy minded people looking to invest time in themselves to achieve unbelievable long term health benefits.

By Steven O (Contributing Editor)

Exercise Equipment for Home Gyms and Pro

Exercise Equipment for Home GymsSoloStrength produces unique and highly versatile exercise equipment for home gyms and professional studios.  Bodyweight based strength and simple total body exercise programs help anyone get fit faster, stay fit more easily, and enjoy a more active and balanced lifestyle. 

If you are like many people over 40, you are probably experiencing periods of wondering if you will ever be in shape again, or how you will approach an exercise and active living strategy that will help you feel your best each day.

You may ask yourself if you should start going to the gym "again".  Or perhaps you are thinking of taking on a more active outdoor life, and both, will help.  One of the easiest ways to stay in shape however, is to increase your consistency of activity, which is often the "magic pill" that most people who stay fit into their golden years, will say makes the difference for them.   So the question becomes "how do I increase my consistency of exercise?".  SoloStrength has a great solution for you.  

A simple to learn and use system that allows beginner and highly advanced fitness training workouts at home, that invites stretching, and full body strength training for your home environment, for convenience, for balanced exercise, and total body fitness.  Learn more at www.SoloStrength.com, and discover how the new designer exercise equipment for home can change your lifestyle for today, and the future.   

Exercise Equipment for Home Gyms by SoloStrength, come with total body beginner and advanced workout exercises.

You can see the free training included with our specialty equipment here:  Home exercise workout programs.

Or watch a video introducing SoloStrength Exercise Equipment for Home Gyms Below:

How to do simple pushups at home for beginners

Have you ever felt like the instructions for keeping in shape are too difficult to get started on?  How do you start to exercise and strength train if you are a beginner?  What if you don't want to workout or exercise at a gym but prefer to exercise at home?  

There are many options for you to consider how to start exercising no matter what age you are and what level of fitness you are starting from.  One thing for sure, if you do exercise, you are going to get in better shape, and that not only feels great, but it will make a positive impact on every aspect of your life.  

simple home gyms beginner push up exercisesYou may already know that Strength training, or using resistance to push, pull and press yourself against to work the muscles more effectively, is an important part of a balanced fitness program.  Strength training actually burns more calories than the same time spent doing cardio type (walking, running, rowing, treadmill, etc) exercises alone, and gives you the added benefit of toning and shaping your muscles while you are improving your overall fitness levels.  Who doesn't want that?

One of the best ways to strength train, is using your own bodyweight as resistance (as opposed to plate loaded barbells and dumbbells  or cable machines).  The movements are efficient and natural and provide a very easy way to know how much weight to use.  There is specialized equipment that allows you to use your own bodyweight, for starting your exercise programs and beginner strength training, that is simple to use, and fast to learn, so that you can start your own bodyweight fitness program at home.  SoloStrength provides one of the very best systems you can invest in, for starting, and growing your fitness to exceptional levels, and maintain it over time with convenient, safe and fast exercise in your home.

Learn to use bodyweight  and simple home gyms for beginner chest press training:

The following video for learning beginner push ups will show you how you can learn to use your bodyweight using SoloStrength, to start with beginner chest press exercises using the adjustable bar for setting the right starting place for you, and building into a highly challenging exercise to maximize your fitness using our SpeedFit training programs and exercises, that are included with your SoloStrength Home Gym.  Not only can you do more exercises, but also learn how to put different programs together to keep your exercises challenging, and since it's available to you 24/7, you can exercise on your own time, conveniently in home, save time, keep very fit and enjoy your fitness and time doing all the things you love to do.  SoloStrength not only provides a way to exercise at home, but a lifestyle system that supports your very best life enjoyment.

Why the need for equipment for bodyweight exercise?

There is a lot of back and forth discussion regarding the need for special equipment when it comes to Bodyweight Exercises.  The nature of using your body, for strength and resistance to exercise,  by default kind of eliminates the need for equipment...doesn't it?

Yes and no.

Our human bodies don't need equipment or tools, for virtually anything when it comes to movement and exercise.  However, the introduction of tools allows us to do more exercises, faster, and many times, safer, and more benefits, than without it.  These are what tools, are for.

If one was to wonder WHY they should look at equipment to do bodyweight based exercise on, they should probably look at what the equipment, would provide for them.  Right?

Why Use Bodyweight Exercise Equipment and Tools?

So, in the case of SoloStrength, having the use of a fully height adjustable bar, allows for not only traditional fully  bodyweight exercises, such as pull ups, chins, and inverted rows, but also the introduction of many more exercises that would be impossible to do without the adjustable bar and secure platform.   Not only can you do a wider range of exercises, you can do a wider range of levels of each exercise.  For example, beginners can use the adjustable bar to set it lower (around chin height) to self assist the pull up, to help them achieve full range and good form exercise, all the while engaging more of the bodies muscles to complete the exercises, making it effective, efficient, safe and perhaps most important...possible!

best simple home gym setup functional exercise machines

The addition of the bar as guide or support can also take traditional bodyweight exercises and add much more difficulty and challenge to the exercise, expanding the range of options and keeping the form more strict to safe movement, to allow for a greater focus on the muscle movement and more beneficial exercise.   

Another great benefit to strength training with SoloStrength Bodyweight Exercise tools is that you can modify the bar height so quickly, that it keeps your workouts on track for time, and efficient, providing a high paced high intensity activity that provides a substantial fat burning cardio benefit on top of the afterburn strength exercises, virtually providing the exercise programs that can be done with SoloStrength home gym exercise equipment, one of the most complete all in one training options you can do in your home.  

The sustainable type exercises don't keep you moving in an out of your peak fitness levels, but rather keep your training more consistent because it is so convenient and efficient, and helps you keep a much higher standard of fitness over time, and while saving you time to complete full body workouts, gives you more time to enjoy your fitness and energy in other activities to more fully enjoy your active lifestyle. 

To learn more about SoloStrength Bodyweight Exercise Home Gym Systems, please visit us at Simple Exercise Home Gym Equipment, or call toll free 1.866.454.7656.

Check out how you can use SoloStrength for a full range of exercises and fitness levels in your home gym here: