Recommended Accessories for SoloStrength Gym

With SoloStrength SpeedFit series of home and studio gyms, all you need to do is "grab the bar and go" as we like to say, but some of us like to add more variety to our programs to keep our maximum challenge, and for the professional trainers, to keep all of your clients full satisfied. You may have many of our recommended accessories for expanding the exercise programs and workouts with SoloStrength, and the best way to understand how you can use these products is to visit our Advanced Workouts page for videos and detail instruction. If you don't have some of these items, we will soon be offering direct supply and add-on to our package offerings that will include these products, but for now, our recommended supplier for these products is Twist Conditioning Inc.  You can click on the banner below to go directly to their online store for the best pricing and direct shipping throughout North America. Shop Twist Conditioning Online Store Be sure to visit our Advanced Workouts page or sign up for our announcements when we post new FUSION training workout videos for:
  • New Exercises for BOSU with SoloStrength and balance training
  • New Exercises for Stability Balls with SoloStrength
  • New Exercises and adjustable anchor for TRX suspension training equipment with SoloStrength
  • New exercises using weighted vests and bodyweight training with adjustable bars and SoloStrength
  • New SpeedFit exercises for Smart Toner Resistance bands with SoloStrength