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SpeedFit Pro Home Gym Equipment free standing adjustable pull up bar fitness machines for in home work outs: specifications View Warranty and 30 Day Guarantee Complete In Home Fitness Training Workout Programs Included Home Gym Equipment fitness machines for small space gym

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SpeedFit Pro-Home Gym is an exercise in simplicity all through.  Simple to set up, learn, and use.   Durable and compact,  SpeedFit is really all you need for the ultimate foundation for home gym exercise for you and everyone in your family.  Maybe the best part is that like all of our SpeedFit models, there is only ONE adjustment to change your exercise, intensity, or progression, and it's awesome fast.  Now if that doesn't save your time and make your life easier, what will?

SpeedFit Pro-Home Gym comes with:

  • High quality, Canadian/USA built complete full body training system.
  • Print instructional material to get you up and running quickly.  Includes introductory beginner to advanced exercises.
  • Access to our online training videos and bonus workouts:  Cardio Circuit1, and SoloStrength Lean Muscle builder.
  • Our free customer membership area where you will have access to constantly updated training programs and individual exercise to keep you challenged and take your functional fitness training as far as you want to go.
  • Training programs for introduction and using additional fitness accessories as recommended by SoloStrength.  Current items in our suggested lifestyle package includes: TRX, Twist SmartMuscle Toner®, BOSU, and Stability Balls.  For additional Flexibility and Stretching Trigger Point is our preference.  Video information and special offers will be sent via email.
  • All SpeedFit Models come with a 30 day no questions asked  return policy.  Your satisfaction is our success.
  • Professional Trainer access, both online and through direct inquiry.  We are here to support you.


  • Specifications for SpeedFit Pro-Home Gym click here.
  • Fast, safe height adjustments of support bar.  Use the system for push, pull, press exercises, stretching, or as an adjustable anchor point for bands or TRX. The exercise variations and challenges are virtually limitless.
  • Commercial Grade Construction.  Both Pro-series SpeedFit Home Gym Models are built to withstand commercial use.  Built to last and backed by our 5 year "tip-to-toe" Warranty.
  • Frame is constructed with Aluminum and the base material is made of a proprietary military grade cushioned rubber.  It's awesome.
  • North American made, start to finish.   You are supporting your local economy with each SoloStrength Purchase.
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