Active Aging Discount

SoloStrength is for people who love to live fit and active, and want to be their best to enjoy life.  We want to show our support for the leaders in this lifestyle and who are a good example.  For customers who are approaching or over 60 years old, we offer a $50.00 active living discount.  

To receive this coupon at time of checkout, please enter the coupon code : SSLIVINGYOUNG and the total will be adjusted immediately.  

In order to receive this discount,  you agree to reply back to us your experiences with SoloStrength at least once between a month and 6 month period after receiving your system.  We appreciate if you are willing to share some photos to help inspire more people to the benefits of living with SoloStrength.  These are voluntary options and an agreement to that we, and our community, would appreciate.

*Conditions may apply.  You may be contacted to confirm your age and be required to provide proof of age to prevent abuse. 

*Not available for use in conjunction with Manufacturers Quota Sales.