Over 150 Exercise Variations and virtually NO Limit to mixing of training intensity.  Please take a moment to view our reference exercises by following the appropriate links below:  SoloStrength Exercise Systems (page).  Customers are provided all PRINT and Video instruction material for basic and advanced suggested exercises with purchase of any SoloStrength System.

Remember you are welcome to follow our suggested combinations for great full body training programs to a level that is suitable for you, or mix and match as your fitness improves to make a variety of training programs that are perfect for YOU!  Happy Training!


body weight workout fitness training exercisesThe goal with SoloStrength fitness training is simply to get you into the best shape you desire, and sustain it with fast, and consistent exercise that is convenient to fit into your everyday schedule, no matter how busy, or unmotivated you may be.  Simplicity and desire to feel great are the driving motivations behind taking action towards feeding your body and mind with the strength training and functional conditioning that will keep you feeling strong and ready for taking on all your passions in life, from daily chores, to climbing mountains, and always looking and feeling your best!

The best way to start is either choosing a fitness training program to view from our PDF download page, or clicking the image below to first view the single page all-in-one poster.  When you are ready to start training, select the VIDEO links on top right menu for further demonstration and enjoy your sustainable, fast fitness training body weight workout exercises with SoloStrength!


SoloStrength is built to challenge you to your highest capacity and fitness levels, but the versatility and adaptability of the programs allow you to start even without any exercise experience at all, or if you have a long way to go to achieve our fitness goals.  As is the case with bodyweight training, your body is the machine, and the simplicity of our tools and the quickly adjustable settings  keeps you focused on what's important to enjoy the best results, in the least time.  

Programs for Body Weight Fitness Training Workout Exercises:

Select your starting place from the menu on the right.  The warm ups can be a combination of anything you prefer, or our simple suggestions to help engage your body and mind while increasing your heart rate.  There are no limits to the versatility of application and uses for SoloStrength systems, but we offer a complete set of beginner to intermediate options in our training programs included with purchase.  Once you are comfortable you have mastered the Peak and Peak Plus training programs, you can select the last option for Advanced Exercises to learn how to take your training and fitness to new levels using highly difficult full body challenges and incorporating some of our SoloStrength recommended accessories to add even more dimension to your SoloStrength training.   We are a community based training approach so please visit our feedback and community pages and share your success on our product pages so you can help inspire more people to take the SoloStrength challenge.  We appreciate your input and thank you. 

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