SoloStrength SpeedFit Training Montage – Teaser

Welcome to our teaser page!  Why did we decide to montage some of the exercises and functional training into one big image?   The simple answer is because that's how it really works! SoloStrength offers a massive opportunity for different exercise.  There are many basic and simple exercises any person can do with SoloStrength, but the adaptability to a wide range of needs and crafting the perfect workout, puts SoloStrength into a category of training tool, all on it's own.  

You are welcome to browse through the reference images below for stretching, warm up, bodyweight based strength and functional training movements below, just to get an idea of how well this system can be implemented to different training approaches.  Changing the challenge level is as simple as a quick adjustment in bar height or body positioning, and your can follow our suggested programs included in our Training Zone, or mix and match to create the perfect workouts for you, and your clients.    Never before has so many exercise options and simple functional adaptability  been offered, and the design quality ensures that SoloStrength is one training partner that you will never outgrow.  

Learn more on our home page with walk through intro videos, and product information.   

SoloStrength SpeedFit Training Teaser Bodyweight Exercise Adjustable Bar Training Equipment

SoloStrength SpeedFit Systems are the ultimate design in Quality Functional Training Fitness Equipment For Professional and Home Gym Use.  Learn more about our company, products, and training, through our home page or drop down menu above.