Find A Certified SoloStrength SpeedFit Trainer

In our few short years on the market, we have found that offering a unique package such as SoloStrength offers, has found a home in many different kinds of environments and with many different types of people with different types of needs.   In an effort to provide the best service and support for our customers and the market in general, we try to match the information to questions we receive. While professional trainers typically understand how they want to use SoloStrength systems with their clients, they often have very little need for spending much time on our core training material.  We are working on a trainer certification course to offer all health and training professionals who would like to receive official certifications on using SoloStrength training gyms.   However our customers that purchase home gym systems, range greatly in their experience.  You may be one of those people who have a lot of experience and pickup on the training methodologies very quickly.  Or, you may be a total beginner to exercising and really need more time and assistance to getting into your best exercise form.  While we offer the free 30 day e-trainer and real-time trainers to assist with this, it may be that you prefer to have the instruction of personal trainer or better yet, one who is certified with SoloStrength and SpeedFit training education, to work with. This is where you will soon be able to find a database of trainers in different areas that can help you out.  If there is a trainer close by your home, then you are in luck and can connect with them here.  If not, you can send your trainer here to take a look and get familiar with our programs to assist your first steps.   We always appreciate your feedback and suggestions.   If you feel there are other services we should consider please let us know.